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The company was established 15 years ago

10000 m 2

The OEM factory area is 10,000㎡


Sold to more than 160 countries and regions in the world


More than 20,000 devices are sold each year

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Qingdao Ausense Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd

Ausense has 2 professional factories, 13 series machinery at present. With a team of high qualified managing technical staffs. Ausense could design many kinds of wrapping machines according to your requirements.After 2 years of oversea market expanding, Ausense has mainly selling to Euro, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia. We have enough experience and confidence to services our user along the world.

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Professional Packaging Equipment Supplier

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Professional Packaging Equipment Supplier

Pallet wrapping machine T1650F

Pallet wrapping machine T1650F

Carton packing line

Carton packing line

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Our Advantages

Professional Packaging Equipment Supplier

“Quality and Credit First” The purpose of AUSENSE We have high reputation

Ausense has conformed the ISO9001:2000 quality management certification on 2004.Under this quality system.our staffs will provide high quality machines,more excellent services for new and old customers.

  • OEM & ODM

    We customize the non-standard packaging machine and design the unique packaging solution.

  • Market Distribution

    Our customers come from more than 50 countries such as Europe, America, South Asia and Middle East.

  • Innovation

    Focus on the innovation and providing the cost-effective products. It's our goal and what we are doing.

  • Patent

    As a member of China Packaging Machinery Association We have applied several patents.

Project Cases

Professional Packaging Equipment Supplier

Full automatic gantry type low palletizing machine

The gantry type low-level palletizer is suitable for stacking various types of packages such as cartons, plastic boxes, film packs and barrels. The stacking separator device is designed to increase the stability of the stacking layer, and various working forms are designed for different stacking requirements.

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Pallet Packaging Line

At present, the packaging methods of pallets are still very diverse. They can be directly bundled with packing tapes, or only wrapped with film, or both packaged and wrapped. There are also many ways of packaging, including vertical packaging and horizontal packaging. Vertical packing can be done in parallel or crosswise; when horizontal packing, corner guards can be placed, or no corner guards can be placed. When wrapping the film, it can either cover the top film or not, and so on.

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Solution for packing and palletizing crisper boxes

The project is mainly composed of 7 parts, such as crisper packing, film shrinking, automatic packing, automatic sealing, metal detection, automatic palletizing and automatic conveying. The whole line is unmanned operation, packaging capacity of more than 100,000 pieces per hour.

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News Information

Professional Packaging Equipment Supplier

Our company participated in the 8th "Mayor's Cup" Innovation Competition in Qingdao

26 Jul.2022

Recently, our company was recommended by Shandong Robot Industrial Park and participated in the 8th "Mayor's Cup" innovation competition in Qingdao. The project name is "Unmanned Intelligent Packaging System for Preserving Boxes". The global market demand for this project exceeds 10 billion yuan. , this project has been well received by the participating leaders.

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Qingdao AIxun business skills training successfully completed in the first quarter

14 Mar.2022

As of March 21, Qingdao AICun business skills training successfully completed in the first quarter. The training mainly focuses on new product knowledge explanation, equipment practical operation, common trouble shooting, etc., with PPT demonstration and product practical operation as the main ways to carry out comprehensive and systematic explanation. Participants in the training have gained a lot and their business skills have been improved qualitarily.

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The project of unmanned automatic packaging of crisper was delivered

22 Feb.2022

The project of unmanned automatic packaging of Qingdao Ausense crisper was delivered. This project is customized for a large enterprise, including the process of automatic crisper sorting, film covering, carton opening and sealing, crisper automatic packing, machine vision detection, robot automatic palletizing and so on. It directly connects with the crisper production equipment, and the whole process is unmanned. After being put into use, the packaging capacity exceeds 100,000 pieces per hour.

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